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n. one who possess the power to bend a bitch with their chi. this may only be done with the use of an element. the elements consist of the following: air, water, earth, and fire. very few humans are born with the power to bitch bend.
Air Bitch Bender will use his chi and his mind to levitate a female in the air 3 meters and perform downward dog.

Water Bitch Bender will have the power to propel the female skimming over the water in the missionary position, as if he was riding her like flipper.
by PC a water bitch bender July 19, 2010
(v)- The act of bending bitches with your Chi. Originated from ancient China, as a new form of martial arts mixed with karma sutra. Bitch Bending can be performed only in the four elements;air,water,earth and fire. A normal Bender may be born with the gift to bend bitches in one of the perviously stated elements. If a normal bender is not in reach of his element, his bitch bending will be unavailable. A Bitch Bender who possess a higher level of chi will be able to Bitch Bend in the absence of their element. Only the Avatar will have the ability to Bend Bitches in all four elements. The Bitch Bending sprits place the avatar with the peoples of one of the elements of the earth to ensure the peace is held with all bitch benders. There is only one bitch bending Avatar on the earth at once. The current Avatar was to the people of the Air Bitch Bending nation.
Taking a normal human female and positioning her body in a certain configuration in one of the four elements.

Air Bitch Bending, Fire Bitch Bending, Water Bitch Bending, Earth Bitch Bending.
by PC a water bitch bender July 18, 2010

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