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Click bait to get you to go to the story.
He decapitated his entire family, including his grandparents, but what happened next will truly shock you.
by PBSPinchback June 18, 2015
A state of affairs where a recent college graduate comes to the realization that the job that he expected would pay for the school loans for his overpriced education does not, and possibly will not, exist. The academic equivalent of the guy who took a 400K mortgage for a one bedroom condo where you can see the water if you stick your head far enough out the bathroom window.
It's ramen noodles again tonight, honey. Sorry, education bubble.
by PBSPinchback August 09, 2010
A language, separate and distinct from German, believed by President Obama (and only President Obama) to be spoken in Austria.
"There's a lot of- I don't know what the term is in Austrian-wheeling and dealing." President Obama, at an unteleprompted press conference. Strasbourg, France 4/4/09
by PBSPinchback September 27, 2010
A completely unnecessary and meaningless corporate buzz phrase that somehow gets shoehorned into every memo, press release or public statement. It can always be eliminated from the text without any effect at all upon the intended meaning.
"If any member of the New England Patriots organization is close enough to a murder investigation to get arrested, it is too close to an unthinkable act for that person to be part of this organization going forward."- Robert Kraft
by PBSPinchback July 08, 2013
A term coined by Christopher Hitchens to describe "those who are content to maintain absolute domination of a small sphere".
Everything I do seems to be wrong. My office manager is a micro-megalomaniac!
by PBSPinchback September 25, 2010
A political policy or program that sounds too good to be true because the money to fund it either does not exist or very shortly will not exist. The politician advocating such a program is shielded from this reality by the fact that he or she will be out of office and on the lecture circuit by the time the general public realizes that they have been hoodwinked.
Providing health insurance for 40 million currently uninsured Americans at no additional cost is utterly unsustainable. Sounds awesome, though.
by PBSPinchback June 30, 2010
An institution of higher "learning" with a graduation rate below 50%. The principle qualification for admission to such a "school" is an ability and willingness to pay its grossly inflated tuition, usually with some combination of parental assistance and school loans that will never be repaid.
The University of Northern Colorado is a dropout factory.
by PBSPinchback September 06, 2010

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