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short for " pimp hand "

(the coding makes the term keep your pimp hand strong, seem like your refer to the scientific atribute of PH)
Cj: Brooke just keeps naggin me to meet her dad

Zach: Well keep your PH strong, tell her whats up
by PB SLAPPER June 23, 2010
N. A term exactly similar to milf but usually one who will actually get with the younger boys she attracts.
(obviously originating from American Pie Series)
CJ; oh my she is such a milf, do you think she's like stacey's mom or stifflers mom ?
by PB SLAPPER June 24, 2010
a phrase used by

A. Surfers
B. People who think their cooler
C. People who are high
TAylor: Sup bra ?
Zach: are you high again?
by PB SLAPPER June 24, 2010
N. Someone like a surfer or cocky person who likes to start sentences with Sup bro? (whats going on brother) so often it's ridiculous
N. THe male version of a valley girl
kate: oh my don't pop your collar what are you some frat boy sup bro ?
zach: your an ass
by PB SLAPPER June 24, 2010
the seats in the rear of a vehicle nearest the windows, similar to the front passenger being "shotgun".
Refers to drive by spot
Cayden: "Shotgun!"
Zach and ERic "Damn. Uzi (seat) no battle bryan take hump
by PB SLAPPER June 23, 2010
Chill The Fuck out

(a varient of ctfd invented seperately)
Phil: I don't man i'm just going to kill myself. she spt with him man!
Chris: Wow Man CTFO youll be fine
by PB SLAPPER June 23, 2010
"Popped Collar Kid"
refers to cocky men who still pop their collar because they think it looks cool, even though all it says is douche
Eric: look at " PCK " over here thinks he is usher or something
by PB SLAPPER June 23, 2010

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