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Term used to describe Seven Jeans' mens line. Seven, a line of designer jeans originally for women, has developed a similar line for men which are worn by many metrosexuals.
At first glance I thought he was wearing his sister's jeans but then I realized that guys a Metrosexual and those are his own Man Sevens.
by PB/SB Pimpsters July 06, 2004
To "talk to", "see", "hook-up with" or date multiple guys on a regular basis, usually without them knowing. Similar to being a player or a pimp. Basically it's just guys getting a taste of their own medicine. Can also be used to describe having multiple booty calls. This phrase dates back to the Summer of 2003 when a wise woman named Kreiny said to me..."we're too good for this; we need to stop focusing on one asshole and start juggling some balls".
I was only hooking up w/G but he was dicking me around so I decided to throw a couple more guys in the mix. Now I'm juggling balls.
by PB/SB Pimpsters July 06, 2004
Adjective used to describe a Metrosexual male who is looking his finest. Can also be used to describe something associated with a Metrosexual male such as his haircut or new shirt.
Chauncey looked Mantastic this evening in his new Man Sevens, Diesel Shoes and $100 shirt .
by PB/SB Pimpsters July 06, 2004

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