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Camp Morasha is a modern-Orthodox Jewish summer camp in PA. Morasha is the best camp in the whole world! Everyone who goes there loves it (and if they say they hate it then they just don't realize how amazing it is). The kids who go to Morasha are the most amazing people ever! None of them are mean or jappy and everybody loves each other. Camp Morasha is the best summer camp around. COME TO CAMP MORASHA! <3
Jordan: I'm not going back to Morasha; I decided that Lavi is better.
Pammy: How can you say that? Morasha is the best camp in the whole entire world! Just think about how Morasha is a better camp than Lavi or Seneca or any other camp.
Jordan: Yeah, you're right. I'm gonna go back to Camp Morasha! Woohoo!
by PAMATHA THE MORASHARK! January 17, 2011
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