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A school dominated by new-moneyed assholes bound for the oh-so-amazing universities of Southern Baptist and Florida State. Students are homophobic and young Republicans in the makings. The school likes to think it prides itself on racial diversity but is just as racist as the next Southern school.

The administration is full of dickheads and attempts to stick the students in the same box, in other words is VERY pro-conformity. Preppy is only what is accepted and the kids think shopping at A&F makes you rich but it doesn't A LOT of American kids shop there.

The school also thinks it's art programs are the greatest shit to come out of the U.S., you know because it is soooooo in the ranks of NYU, Juilliard, and Pratt.

Promotes only the Christian faith despite the fact the school website claims to support Judeo-Christian values.
Typical day of a non-conforming Pace Academy student:

Teacher: Let's all pray to our Lord Jesus!
Student: But I'm an atheist.....
Teacher: Go to the headmaster's office!!
Student: Why?!
by PACESUCKSASS May 06, 2009

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