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The study of pretension and douchebaggery.

Also known as "bastardized psychology", given that nothing in psychology gets published in modern articles without empirical evidence, rigorous testing, and data analysis. Psychology is the REAL study of the brain, the most complex thing in the universe.
Guess what? I'm a philosophy major. I study knowledge through outdated theories that have no place in modern society and are responsible for illogical policies in earlier history.
by P0lyamor0us May 04, 2008
Responsible for fucking up this country and the world.

-The death penalty was built on a philosophy of deterrence. Empirical studies conclude that the death penalty fails to deter, but actually INCREASE murders due to something known as the "brutalization effect". This essentially makes our country a more dangerous, violent place to live in.
-Mandatory drug sentences and the "War on Drugs". Built on philosophy... so individuals caught on one occasion with a barely significant amount of marijuana go to prison, however science proved that alcohol is more detrimental to your body, causes worse memory effects, and is linked to several violent crimes. "War on Drugs"... bullshit philosophy. How does one declare war on an inanimate object? Your tax dollars are going to incapacitating millions of non-violent offenders and, as a result of ensuring that the "criminal" serves the mandatory minimum, prisons release violent criminals to ensure that there is enough room in the prison for the drug offenders
by P0lyamor0us May 04, 2008

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