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A charming, fun, caring, loving, intriguing young man who is loved by an Emily. The day that I met this Eric was the day that I realized how much I felt like I was missing out on prior to him. He'll come in to your life and you'll forget what it was ever like without him. You'll find yourself wanting to do anything and everything together because he tends to make things so much better. I felt like I had known this Eric for years when I'd only really known him for about a month. Everything is just...easy with him. He'd bring in Dunks and Dews during class just to bribe me to sit with him...and it worked. He's clever, witty, smart, motivated, talented, excited, and spirited. There will never be a dull moment with him by my side.

I love him,

I love him,

I love him.

by P.I.C September 21, 2010

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