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2 definitions by P.HONGG

Pre-mature ejaculation is when you fire you're load before you finish you're climax. The BITCH AIN'T SATISFIED
TCHU was banging a hot girl and he started to Pre-mature ejaculation before he whipped his pants off
by P.HONGG September 12, 2006
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It has multiple definitions, a girl guys use to practice screwing with to practice for a real girl, smelly vagina's that are really wide spread and are super wet, a term used to insult someone without meaning anything directly and to insult someones girl friend with.
"Hanne is such a slosh, I knocked her in good to get ready for New Years."
"Sean: Oh my goodness, that new girl is soo cute, I wish i could go talk to her, but im too shy!
Patric: Sean, you're the biggest slosh in the universe.
Sean: What does that mean?
Patric: YOU, stupid slosh..."
by P.HONGG December 03, 2006
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