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26 definitions by P.A. 037

ecto goggles are an incredible tool used in the first ghostbusters movie and the 2009 ghostbusters game by Atari.

The goggles allows the wearrer to actually see invisible ghosts witch is good when trying to capture it with the proton pack , since the wearer don't have to hold the P.K.E. meter while holding the proton pack wand and activating the ghost trap .
Ecto goggles are used to see the invisible specters .
by P.A. 037 February 06, 2010
ecto 8 , also known as ecto h2o is the ghostbusters thugboat used by the ghostbusters to get to shandor's island in the Newly 2009 released pc game by atari .

It is a simple thug boat with tire bumpers all aroud it , the cabin section is painted white with the no ghost logo , it as the blue stroboscope and red lights , same as the ecto 1 and ecto 1a , also a parabolic dish is visible on the boats roof and a particle canon .

the game is available for Pc , x box and ps3 , also a derivate version featuring the ecto 8 is available for the playstation 2 and wii console witch is the same as the pc version but cartoony and it is also available in the even more derivate version for the nintendo dsi .

In none of the aforementioned games you can actually drive the ecto 8 it is merely used to bring you to the isle by another ghostbuster , in fact in no game ( exept the dsi version in witch you can use only the ecto 1a ) can you control any ecto vehicles .
Ecto 8 is also refered as the ecto h2o .

Ecto 8 is essientially a highly modified thug boat .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
Ecto 4 is the last vehicle of the real ghostbusters to have a number on it , the remaining vehicle left being called the ecto bomber .

the ecto 4 is neither seen in the movies nor in the animated serie but only can be seen in the comic magazine as a flying jet , however , in the comic books it is reffered as the ecto 3 but as been corrected by the editor to be actually named the ecto 4 .

its concept never reached the status of toy .
Ecto 4 is a jet owned and operated by the real ghostbusters .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
The ecto 2 or also reffered as ecto-copter is the second vehicle used by the ghostbusters in the animated serie called The real ghostbusters then rebaptised Slimer and the real ghostbusters .

The ecto 2 is capable of carrying 1 passenger and the pilot , it has 2 folding wings , and a hitch cable and is noted to be capable to fit in the back of the ecto 1 once folded .

There is no known real life working ecto 2 the closest thing available is the ecto 2 toy from Kenner .
ecto 2 is a portable helicopter .

ecto 2 fits in the back of the ecto 1 in the animated series .

ecto 2 is not seen in any of the two ghostbusters movies .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
Classic horror arcade video game of 1986.
Made by Exidy .
It is a game played with a light shotgun .

The game itself is divided in 4 levels : the torture chamber , the hall , a second torture chamber and finally the cemetary .

every time you complete one of the level by finding all the secret items before the time ends , you will be rewarded a slot machine bonus and if you finish all four levels finding all the secret items , you are awarded a shoot em up bonus rouds worth a lot of points .

This game is a real sadic one ,, not onlly you must destroy paranormal entities like zombies , ghosts , rats and bats and such but also you have to eliminate what seems to be innocent persons as well .

The game itself is well made and has terrific sounds but its amazing that it got distributed without trouble or censorship .

This game spawned a bootleg remake for the ever so popular Nintendo entertainment system (NES) 8 bit console .
For a quarter you can play the game Chiller .

They made a bootleg version of chiller for the NES 8 Bit .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
Toy made for the real ghostgusters characters but not featured in the animated series .

The ghost sweeper is made by Kenner .

The ghost sweeper comes with the street creeper ghost figure .

The ghost sweeper is the ghostbusters version of a street sweeper but it is mounted with a proton particle thrower proton pack and what seems to be a P.K.E. meter antenae , its colors is white and blue with some yellow , its got place for two characters , the driver and the cannon operator .
The ghost sweeper is going to clean the streets of any ghosts .
by P.A. 037 February 08, 2010
An upgraded version of the P.K.E. meter , is a prop. used in the movie ghostbusters 2 .

The Giga-meter varies in the fact that it calculates Gigaelectron Volts instead of Parakinetic Energy .

The prop. itself can be seen ( modified ) in one of the star trek movie and also in the They live movie .
the Giga-meter is a complement used in conjuction with the P.K.E. meter .
by P.A. 037 February 06, 2010