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The idea that one has a right to be given something which others believe should be obtained through effort.
Politicians cut welfare and raise taxes but their own sense of entitlement leads them to award themselves huge pay increases and enormous pensions for a few years' work.
by P. Brain August 31, 2006
Rhyming slang for "thief"
That tea leaf half-inched me wallet.
by P. Brain August 31, 2006
Someone who steals PIN numbers at ATMs or public telephones by looking over people's shoulders while they enter their numbers.
He had a $2,000 phone bill after a shoulder surfer scoped the PIN for his calling card.
by P. Brain August 31, 2006
Prison for Women in Kingston, Ontario
P4W is the wome's version of KP, but probably more brutal.
by P. Brain August 31, 2006
Kingston Penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario.
He's on holiday at KP camp.
by P. Brain August 31, 2006

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