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To give or take mutually.
that feeling isnt reciprocated
by ozzie September 04, 2004
n. old neglected car usually with seats removed to fit more boongs in, appearance either amusing or disgusting or both. Australian = boong wagon
a boonger car was heading along the highway and passed a sign saying 110 state limit, so they pulled over and 3 got out.
by ozzie October 20, 2004
a vicious beast whose pH is unbalanced and who also has a nautical star tattoo but no brand.
watch out! it's dynor from the viciousest pineapple squad around!
by ozzie April 13, 2004
Trifling; nearly valueless.
Bond, James Bond, told a cockamamie story.
by Ozzie August 21, 2003
gayist name ever specially if first name is ian
they are all fat and have fucken 38DD tits
ian was jumping rope and gave himself a black eye
by ozzie February 10, 2005
A kid whoe flares his hair all day in my 6th and 7th hour.
"hey flare, what the fuck are you doing dude!"
by ozzie October 19, 2004
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