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A man of incredibly legendary status. Presumed to be thousands of years old, he was around when the Cherokee indians walked the trail of tears. He is a shining example of a steaming richard. Often The Dogg can be seen with a penis or other long cynlider-like object in the general area of his anus. It is said that his mother gives good head and even better anal.
The Dogg, why dont you go walk the trail of tears again?
by Ownzjoo October 19, 2004
The most righteously radical dude around. Often sporting some skank ho's that he loaf whaps. Can take any other mutherfucko to school and back ten fold. Enjoys himself some boobies.
Damn G, that Ownzjoo is one crazy muthafucko!
by Ownzjoo October 19, 2004
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