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A game for Xbox 360 which has become a severe addiction for anyone ages 11-30. Gamers usually spend most of their lives playing instead of going out, dating girls or guys, etc. Usually the base of teenage gamer's lifes, basing the mood their in that day on if they ranked their level up or down. Some players are whiney 11 year olds who loose 50 - 2 then try and get the skilled players banned for "modding" even tho their lose is cause they suck. Most players are legit, although some do mod. Most players and "hardcore" gamers hit puberity yearss after they should because of this. Overall, a desiease which can only be stopped by puberity and maturity.
Hey John manhunt tonight you in?
*shrivels and hisses* NO!
Why not?
We're ranking in halo 2 tonightt.. my precious level..
...John you havent been outside for three weeks!
by OvrrjoyedELF September 02, 2006

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