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The first generation raised with the internet. This group attempts to be defined by ideas rather than stereotypes. They are multi-cultural, tech-savvy, and fashion independent. Connected and innovative early adopters, these tastemakers lead the consumer market in music, fashion, technology, and lifestyles.
Q: How do you find out today's weather?

Baby Boomers Read the Farmer's Almanac.
Generation X Watch TV, dude. There's like a weather channel and stuff.
Verge Culture Check the weather app on your smartphone, duh.

Q: Where is the uvula?

Baby Boomers Let me check my Encyclopedia Britannica...
Generation X uh...I think my girlfriend knows.
Verge Culture You guys are soo slow! Have you never heard of wikipedia?!?!

Q: Who was the...Verge Culture interupts

Verge Culture I don't have time for all this!! I've got music to make, jewelry and clothing to design, and viral messages to spread. Later! Verge Culture leaves...
by Oversat August 11, 2011
Hipster Equity – hip-ster ek-wi-tee noun The cumulative value of an individual's style and preferences that contribute to their overall qualifications to be acceptable among the independent cultural elite (hipsters). One's Hipster Equity is positioned against another's to determine which is greater. Increases and decreases in Hipster Equity can only be determined by external entities.
1. You purchase an original My Bloody Valentine Loveless LP in VG+ condition. Hipster Equity +1.

2. You enter a Walmart for any reason. Hipster Equity -5.
by oversat January 04, 2013

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