4 definitions by Over Grown Mexican

A car or truck washed and waxed, ready for the weekend to pick up hoes.
Let's take the G-Ride downtown tonight bro.
by Over Grown Mexican May 18, 2011
A lesbian festival.
“Do you want to go to the lezonia at Ellen and Portia's this weekend, Gayle?” “Sure, Oprah!”
by Over Grown Mexican May 17, 2011
A car or truck with too much chrome or gold trim and playing loud annoying music.
Check out that mojo ride mayne?" "Yo that shit is wack foe realz!
by Over Grown Mexican May 18, 2011
A method used when approaching a female on PMS with caution to get close enough to choke her and say "fuck you, you crazy bitch!"
Mayne my girl is going crazy, what should I do?" "Dawg you should use the snake method on that hoe."
by Over Grown Mexican May 18, 2011

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