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2 definitions by OutrageousLance

A mixed copy of Madonna and Britney Spears. Her music is pretty good, but gets boring soon. She tries to act hot, but it ends up with her looking like an ugly slut. She's an attention whore wearing all kinds of terribly crazy costumes creeping out all of humanity. She likes to wear black lipstick, she thinks it makes her look creative while in reality it just looks like she's been munching on some really old dog sh!t. She copies Madonna and Britney Spears a lot, a great example is her wearing crystals in the LoveGame music video, just like Britney did in Toxic. Overally, she's decent, but she'll disappear from the world soon.
Gaga fangirl: OMG, Lady Gaga is so amazing!
Person with common sense: She's not that terrible, but she's a slutty attention whore who will be forgotten soon.
by OutrageousLance December 08, 2010
BS can be defined by 3 words: Goddess Of Music. Extremely talented, a singer, a dancer and a song writer. Ever since the legendary song ...Baby One More Time was released in 1998, she became one of the world's most famous celebrities and one of the most successful artists in existance. People often say she can't sing because of all the editing in her dance songs, but they obviously have never heard some of her unreleased unedited ballads she wrote herself. She's been through hard personal struggless because of her husband, kids and all the papparazzi never allowing her to take one step without being followed by them. Luckily, she was strong enough to stand back up and came back already releasing two successful albums with an another one on the way. The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is back and staying.
Girl 1: Lady Gaga is so freaking awesome, she devastated Britney!
Girl 2: Don't compare Gaga with the Legend. Gaga is a cheap copy of Britney who will be forgotten soon. Britney Spears has outlasted so many artists who were all like 'so much better' and Gaga is the next. Both Brit and Gaga are releasing a new album in early 2011 and I'm sure Britney's album will own Gaga's.
by OutrageousLance December 08, 2010