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Noun: The capital city of Afghanistan. Noted for fuck all except a place to buy overpriced Afghani carpets, carbon monoxide poisoning, rampant corruption, non-existent infrastructure, excrement in the streets and a gathering place of choice for dysfunctional westerners escaping reality under the guise of ‘Aid work’ and ‘consultancy’

Adjective: A frustrated and hopeless feeling/attitude derived from living or visiting said 3rd world shithole capital of Afghanistan, usually as a result of putting up with corrupt/inept/inane/inbreed locals and the legion of equally vexing international aid workers who have nothing better to do in their fortified (for good reason) guesthouses in lieu of real work than to bitch and moan about anything and everything, except that is writing books no one wants to read about their experience, mostly 350 page self indulgent tomes structured around the few times they left the city combined with the occasional rocket attack, carpet shopping adventures and piss-ups at Gandamach.

Acute case of Kabulshit result in Westerners wearing shalwar kameez and Masood hats, enthusiastically berating everyone elsein their orbit for not shallowly ingratiating themselves with their peculiar take of the local culture while drinking piss at one of the many drinking establishments across the city that refuse to allow Afghani clientele.
Masood hat wearing Prat: Did you go to the DIFD Party last week ?

Two Button Suit wearing knob: No, didn’t make the list because I ignored Sir Richard while getting a beer at La Cantina last week.

Masood hat wearing Prat: Oh well, old chap , kiss goodbye to that job you wanted at ANSO, once word of that outrage gets out.

Two Button Suit wearing knob: mate, you're so full of Kabulshit
by Out Ofthere April 28, 2010
1. A Central Asian Country

2. An incredibly poor central Asian country

3. An incredibly poor and corrupt central Asian country

4. An incredibly poor, corrupt and dysfunctional central Asian country

5. An incredibly poor, corrupt, dysfunctional and CURSED central Asian country

6. Land of the Afghans: Although there is no such thing as an Afghan, they’re either Pastuns, Tajiks or whatever and the only thing they agree on is that they don’t like each other. Occasionally they’ll reach a consensus on topics such as repealing infidels and the difference between sex with goats, donkeys and Tea Boys

7. Afghans like to make reference to repealing previous invaders, Alexander the Great, the British, the Russians. Truth be told none of the invaders saw any merit in staying in the country long enough to impart their modern ways and principles on the land and people, so left at the first possible convenience leaving the locals to their own corrupt and dysfunctional devices.

8. CURSED: Yes Afghanistan is cursed. While blaming the infidel for all their (many) troubles, they fail to see that their own stupidity and greed has put them into the exact position they find themselves. Proof: Who overthrew the Shah in 1973? An Afghan. Whats happened non stop since said overthrow? War, war and more war… Cursed I tell you. CURSED
How fucked is Afghanistan? Just look at the news papers... there's your example!
by Out Ofthere March 07, 2011

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