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"Yoghurt weaving" was a term coined by Alexei Sayle in his late 70's stand up routine, and subsequently immortalised on his live 1982 album "Cak!"

Alexei Sayle spotted the "yuppie" trend way before the term "yuppie" was ever coined, and in his routines he referred to them as "the middle classes in Stoke Newington..."

One such routine described them "...all sitting around on the windswept concrete piazza, discussing Chekhov and weaving their own fucking yoghurt..." - the last part delivered with a palpable Scouse sneer.

On occasion he would substitute "... growing their own fucking denim." but this expression didn't seem to catch on quite as well.

In this instance, "yoghurt weaver" and "denim grower" are interchangeable.
by Ott^ September 12, 2005

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