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An isty-bitsy little town that is crawling with illegal mexican immigrants but the gringos there really don't mind, in fact, Mexicans are welcome. Girls sports dominate while the boys are doing 1 of 3 things: Drinking, hunting or doing some sort of farm work. Most of the people speak with typical Texas accents, but quite frequently throw in what they call "border spanish" (spanish slang) into everyday sentences. Even the white people do this. Example: Why don't you go out with Eric? Porque I don't like him y creo que he was picked up by border patrol. Great town if you like Texas hill country, cowboys and Mexicans.
Girl: I want to live somewhere with handsome cowboys
Boy: I want to live somewhere with lots of beautiful latinas.
Random Person: Aw man you need a Evant, Tx
by OtherFunStuff December 05, 2011
Miakoda is a beautiful Native American women. Her friends call her Mia or Koda. Her ne literally translates to "power of the moon". She has coffee colored eyes, copper skin, cheekbones that could cut glass and silky onyx colored hair. She is extremely funny and thoughtful, she wants to make the people that she cares about happy. She doesn't give much thought to the people who don't like her, but then again, most people do like her because she is open minded, chill and kind. She makes the people around her feel important.
What's her name?


Oh that's a cool name

Well she's a cool girl
by OtherFunStuff December 26, 2015
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