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A great movie staring Robert Redford as a Court Martialed general who rallies together 1200 inmates to rise against the system that put him away. Great action and just awsome.
The Last Castle is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen!
by Orrin Oliver March 04, 2008
A word that is used to say that you are a noob and you are also a chicken. Mostly noobs that are snipers. Also if someone quits at the end of the game because they lost they are defined as chicken nublets
Dude that sniper sucks, hes a chicken nublet!
by Orrin Oliver February 29, 2008
A sound that a canadian makes when he is getting pwnd in any video game resulting in an older man humping him.
Josh(canadian): Muaah Muaah Muaah (goat moan)
Eric: The next guy that moans like a goat is going to get humped.
(Eric humps Josh)
by Orrin Oliver April 01, 2008
The biggest, baddest, most bamfen guy you will you ever meet on Xbox Live.
Oh Skormsghost just pwnd me so hard, he is so 1337!
by Orrin Oliver February 25, 2008
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