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A town in northern Idaho, manly noted for its failing lumber industry, streets with no sidewalks, and its hate for people from California. It is also known as the shithole between the annoying assholes from Spokane Washington and the gorgeous haven of Priest Lake.The best place to eat is Mac's, a local gas station. If you don't own an ATV or a gun, there isn't much to do. and the internet is slow as fuck. the people who drive through often say "hey, that looks like a town, only smaller"
Priest River passed a law outlawing education, liberalism, and black people.
#crap #shit #town #ass #street
by OrignalWolf April 27, 2011
the origin of the term french toast comes from world war 1. The story goes like this: A french soldier was looting a house near the trenches. he found some eggs and several slices of bread, which he put in his pocket. As he was walking back to his post, a German patrol ambushed him. during the fracas, the soldier fell on his pocket, breaking the eggs on the bread, and then was promptly roasted by a flamethrower. A British patrol found his body, complete with "french toast" in his pocket. The name has stuck ever since.
Hey, did you see that French guy who attempted to light himself on fire in protest?

Yeah, he turned into real french toast.
#stupid french people #freedom toast #manpyre #eggs n' bread #crispy critters
by OrignalWolf January 26, 2011
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