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Although appearing in numerous films such as Titanic, Sweeney Todd, Star Trek V & VI, Quest of the Delta knights (in which he played both the bad guy AND the good guy), Scream 2 and The Omen, to name but a few,he generally reguarded as; OH! I know that bloke! He was in that film I saw, can't remember his name...

Sometimes it is perceived that he will take any role he's offered and so when discussing who will be cast in parts in upcoming films, the general consensus is: maybe David Warner will do it...
Oh look it's that bloke who got his head chopped off in The Omen. Let me IMDB him... It's David Warner...
by OrbThesela December 27, 2007
When someone ties a drinking straw around one of your fingers you are now 'straw married.' Theere is no limit as to how many spouses you can have.

Straw marriages usually occur during mass consumption of alcohol.
-Sean tied a straw round my finger last night.

-Oh, so you had a straw marriage?
by OrbThesela December 29, 2007

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