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A brilliant little sports car with the highest naturally-aspirated displacement-to-horsepower ratio on the market. Hated by morons who fail to realize there are people with different interests, and torque isn't everything. The car produces 240 hp from a naturally-aspirated inline-four (and 152 ft-lbs. of torque with a surprisingly flat torque curve throughout the RPM range, which is quite a lot considering it weighs 2,800 lbs), which is mated to what is arguably the best and most clean-shifting 6-speed transmission on the market. The car has excellent handling due to the fact that it comes with a limited-slip differential and that it was designed from the beginning with an X-frame chassis as a convertible, so it is stiff, as well as light enough, to embarrass much more expensive sports cars on the track.
You need to realize that it's not all about muscle cars vs. whatever the fuck. We're all car enthusiasts, so we're all fighting the same battle: Us versus the law. Fuck your petty little arguments about torque and whatnot, if a car is fast, it's fast. The purpose of a Honda S2000 is to be a high-revving sports car, the purpose of a Mustang GT is to go quickly from point A to point B (in a straight line of course). So shut the fuck up, go out, and drive.

P.S. - I hate ricers.
by Oranjalow June 08, 2006
The complete opposite of a Negative Nancy. One who always looks at the brighter side of things. With Positive Patty, the glass is always half full.
Nig nog: Momma, why we gots no food ta eats?
Positive Patty: Nigga, at least you gots a roof over yo head. Now go play with yo friends outside while I get my $220 hair did.

Nig nog: Officer, I swear I was going the speed limit, I've never even gotten a speeding ticket before!
Positive Patty: Now sir if you cooperate everything will be alright, jail isn't such a bad place after all.

Nig nog: Fuck niggas the po-lice is comin' and I be fucked UP!
Positive Patty: We'll be fine.

Nig nog: Why da whyte man gotta keep us down?
Positive Patty: Lemonjalow, if it weren't for the white man, who would be paying for your welfare checks?
by Oranjalow June 08, 2006

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