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The name Bleddyn is a Welsh boy's name pronounced Ble-thin. It has been translated as meaning wolf-hero, son of little wolf and/or strong wolf.

Bleddyns are fantastic people. Their unique name reflects their unique personalities. A Bleddyn is a youthful, vibrant, athletic, intelligent and passionate person. Not to mention, very sexy.

A Bleddyn is a very generous man, giving to all who need his help. Bleddyns are dedicated partners and fiercely loyal friends.

Bleddyns live life to the fullest with no regrets, taking nothing for granted. They are cherished by all who know them.

The world needs more Bleddyns...people who will truly change the world for the best!
Girl1: Who is that sexy man?
Girl2: Well that's Bleddyn! who else could it be?
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by OrangePopsicle13 December 15, 2010
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