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n. A companion whose presence is tolerated through his buying of the drinks.
Mr. Mills was such a fucking shotclog last night, wasn't he? But at least we had a cheap night.
by Orange Guber July 25, 2003
A cheap and easy way of seeing pornography without having the embarrassment of suffering the newsagent's stare.
eye f0und this l33t web site that had tits and fcuking n evrything.
by Orange Guber July 25, 2003
The agreed upon driving rules of the highway. Not applicable in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Florida and Los Angeles.
That piece of shit just carved me up like he's never heard of road rules!
by Orange Guber July 25, 2003
receiving anal sex
Last night, I gave that ho an unexpected backdoor delivery
by Orange Guber July 27, 2003
That gap's tighter than a gnat's chuff.
by Orange Guber July 27, 2003
To engage in overt attempts at procuring a partner of the opposite sex. One can accuse a colleague of sharking by putting your upright, straight hand up to and at right angles to to your nose and forehead, and weaving your head from side-to-side, as if one were a shark in the murky depths.
Billy: (over loud music of club) Quit sharking Tom, you're making a scene, and putting off the girls.
Tom: I can't help it, I haven't had a wank in over a week, and I'll fuck anything tonight.
by Orange Guber October 08, 2003

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