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A medical condition brought upon by technology, whereby affected person(s) consistently make errors in the use of Microsoft Outlook (or similar products).

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This condition typically affects members of upper management and research suggests a concentration of afflicted persons in the finance discipline.

Warning to System Administrators: NEVER under any circumstance grant afflicted users administrative privileges outside of his personal computer.
Symptoms of Outlookdyscalendaria include inability to schedule meetings without rescheduling numerous times, resulting in none of the invitees attending and occasionally even the meeting requester due to confusion. In extreme cases, inability to distinguish between AM and PM results in meetings scheduled during the middle of the night, when the business entity is a standard 9am-5pm operation.

In some cases, afflicted person has difficulty distinguishing between email addresses and also sends sensitive content to inappropriate recipients.

by Opus_Penguin August 06, 2008

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