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That which is uttered that doth sound of the Bard but cometh not of his pen.

(Fake + Shakespeare = Fakespeare)
1) Fakespeare of the punning style, such as this Richard-III-esque line: "Now is the winter of our disco tent."

2) Fakespeare of the "damn, I've forgotten my line" style, such as: "The king wears heels; yet O! I know not why."
by Operactress April 25, 2011
"Chickstrati" are female singers who are asked to perform those vocal parts in Medieval and Renaissance repertoire which would originally have been sung by the castrati males. Chick + castrati = chickstrati
Conductor: "OK, let's start at bar 56 with the chickstrati. Thank you!"
by Operactress December 06, 2010
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