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A small blaket that a child carries around with them, they usually get the blankie when they are born or very young
Awww... look at that kid with that blankie, how cute.
by Ooliealapooie Forinigaladine January 18, 2008
Pretty much the GAYEST musical EVER made on earth. Only preformed when a musical teacher hates all of their students. Prefered by people that sing Barbershop.
Person 1: Do you like Thoroughly Modern Millie?

Person 2: Are you kidding me? Thoroughly Modern Millie is the GAYEST show on earth

Music Teacher: Don't take Thoroughly Modern Millie's name in vain or else you'll be sent to hell!!!
by Ooliealapooie Forinigaladine January 15, 2008
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