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A compliment to anyone hungry for validation, praise, or boost to one's sense of self-worth.
That A the professor gave was a major ego biscuit.
by Ontologist on Call July 07, 2009
A plain or pudgy dude who fancies himself to be a real ladies man.
Why do I attract all the spud muffins?
by Ontologist on Call July 07, 2009
This is a state of adolescent existential angst. A feeling of the universe's perverse indifference to the humanity as well lamenting that it can't get better than this. Possibly, this is a chronic state of anyone who majors in the humanities.
If you never leave the cosmic void, it may be time for Prozac.
by Ontologist on Call July 07, 2009
This occurs every time something that looks so delicious, so attractive on the surface turns out to be tasteless and bland when tasted. Based on the common experience from eating French pastries.
Dropping a C-note at a disappointing fancy restaurant is an experience of the Puffed Pastry Paradox.
by Ontologist on Call July 07, 2009
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