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The group of countries that half of the worlds armed forces are trained properly after the americans fuck up thier soldiers by telling them to only do what they are told instead of using the initiative that could save thier lives and those of all thier unit. Also the ones who have the most elite units the SAS.

The group of countries that held the largest empire the world has ever known dispite what people say about the romans, (btw even they are not second its actually the list goes British, Mongolian, russian, Spanish, chinese, caliphate, French, portugese, Brazilian, Achaemenid, japanese and then Roman!!! ok so nowhere near the top).

The group of countries that came up with the nationalised health service (NHS) where everyone can be treated for free on most health issues.

Although its not all rosey we are now the fatest country in Europe because we are stuffing our faces too much and not getting off our arses. We are becoming too overpopulated because we also have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe, we have given birth to the chav that is destroying all society.

We can be better again if we actually get up and work hard, that is the reason countries we used to have a stake in such as china and india are becoming the superpowers they are today, because they work hard for it and will do it well.
"Hey who kicks all kinds of ass"

"The SAS obviously"

"Who trained them?"

"Britain did"

"Enough said"
by OnlyTruthspeaker October 24, 2011

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