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A event, person or happenstance that is generally known of but not acknowledged by anyone. A elephant in the room.
Derived from the plotline of an episode of the PBS television series "Downton Abbey" in which the protagonists try and hide the death of a Turkish visitor.
While discussing the reorg, nobody acknowledged the dead turk in the room- the impending layoffs of half the staff.

The crushed fender wasn't the real problem. The dead turk was the empty liquor bottle under the front seat.
by Onisimos July 17, 2012
(n): extraneous or non-essential design elements added to a website, generally at the behest of a non-professional designer. Useless or tacky web design. A neologism taken from the arcane HTML markup code that caused text to flash and the ubiquity of kitten pictures on the internet.
"Man, I thought this site was done, but then the boss came in and demanded we change the font to pink. It now screams blinking kittens."

This page's purple background and weird icons just scream blinking kittens.
by Onisimos September 14, 2011
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