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A late 90's/early 00's American television show, focusing on the lives of a whole school of "teenagers" with a worrying growth defect that makes them appear in their early 30's, who also happen to be the first ever users of "Live Journal".

See: "Live Journal".
"I've just had my first period... Which is a curious example of Human evolution at it's most random, as my GP told me I look pre-menopausal. *Ah-hum*
Alas..I'm like the only person ever to have this. D'err! No-one knows my pain. I wish I'd never been born.

Leave me be..I must take to my live journal. I'm so full of woe! *gaze at shoes*"

#"I don't wanna wait... Till my life to be over..#
by OneLittleSpaceman May 20, 2005

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