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Pronounced "Ham Squad" but not the other Ham Squad. Thus the spelling.

1. A close knit group of friends who play Black Ops tournaments together, and are usually pretty good at it.

2. To dominate something as a TEAM

3. To put having fun before winning.
1. Black Ops Player- We lost again...

OneBraveGhost- Ham Scwad on deck!

2. Guy1- Gosh we were pretty much Ham Scwad right there..

Guy2- I know! We did so good!

3. Guy1- That was Ham Scwad-ish.


Guy1- Dude, We lost 7500-600..

^That was an actual game score...
by OneBraveGhost July 26, 2011
Someone who hangs out with Fluffers, Puffers, and even Clambys (As bad as they are.) Despite this though they are pretty amazing. They actually are magical.
Random Person-That guy Tony is such a Bedopper.
Tony-Yeah, I know. Its kinda who I am.
by OneBraveGhost March 03, 2011

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