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White stinky, sticky goo between pussy lips after a hard days work. This is a common occurance after a weekend of camping with no shower.
This is similar to a mans fromunda cheese.
Women with long pubic hair have a tendency to suffer from this smelly problem more than groomed pussy.
This is also a common problem with women who don't wear underwear to soak it up.
holy shit! i just gave lydia the finger test and came up with a hand full of pussy plaque but, like they say if it smells like fish eat all you wish if it smells like cologne leave it alone. So i went for it.

Phew, I just got a whiff of my pussy plaque, I guess it's been a while since I showered.

My pussy plaque was so bad, I had to scrape it out with a spoon.
by One- Balled Man March 02, 2008
To shave and clean your pussy if oral sex is on the menu for the night.
Well, I better go prepare the meal for Seth, I'm hoping he'll eat at the Y tonight.

Sorry Honey, I didn't prepare the meal. I'd rather we just fuck.

Can you believe Seth told me to prepare the meal next time? He said I didn't pass the finger test.

by One- Balled Man March 02, 2008
The last one still chiefing at a party,get together or smokefest. champion, winner, major party animal, the best, major stoner, never turns it down, last one standing].
"Jesus, Randilator are you ever gonna give up?"
"You never turn it down you are a True Randilator!"
"I've never seen someone smoke that much , Randilator!"
'Holly Shit, Randilator, you smoked us completely out!"
by One- Balled Man February 08, 2008

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