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a smoke session involving several members
friend 1: you missed the smokefest we had at da crib last night

friend 2: damn! I had to work.

friend 1: Too bad we had like 9 L's of haze w/only 3 heads. I was geeked.
by drizzy January 20, 2007
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n. A gathering of friends to smoke marijuana. The usual smokefest contains up to 10-14 people with approximately an ounce of marijuana. Also usually has legit smoking paraphernalia such as: a bong, pipe, bubbler, or joints.
Jack: Yo nigguh we got to hit up another smokefest
Eric: Hell yea, remember last time when Luke torched that whole bowl and passed out?
Jack: Fosho dawg, i can't wait.
by Johnny Houston March 02, 2009

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