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Someone in touch with music/fashion/style/etc that exceeds the norm of any particular person at one point in time. Due to overuse of the internet and myspace at large, the idea of being "scene" has become synonomous with being "emo" or "hXc." Keep in mind, people who catagorize themselves under one of these are obviously not scene, because they are not creative enough to exemplify themselves from the social constructs of the stereotype they tried so hard to not develope by being "scene" in the first place. Those who abuse some so called "scene" lingo are not scene, because as any TRUE scene kid knows, scene lingo itself cannot exist or be catagorized itself...the lingo is so incredibly ahead of the curve that truly only the speaker alone is clear on the meaning and its relation to "the scene."

In more recent attempts to define the "scene," many have begun to dabble into the fashion of "the scene." It's a common misconception that scene kids wear thousands of bracelets, have choppy black haircuts, abuse eye make-up, and wear Converse shoes. Anyone scene enough to know understands completely that these things are merely a fad perpetuated by people attempting to force their way into the scene lifestyle, and thus, do not do it. The true scenester wears shoes you've never seen before, possibly something they purchased out of a store while vacationing in the UK or Italy with their family, which is probably accompanied with an ensemble unlike those seen on the pages of myspace, and has a haircut unlike anyone elses.

Also, keep in mind he true scenester is not vegan or meat eater, does not stand for causes, and does not attempt to create crews or running gangs of "scene" friends, because as any scenester can tell you, no one cares what you had for lunch, it's just food; civil liberties are something 15 year olds dont need to be worried about, and anyone who gets in fights over "the scene" isn't a scenester at all. Fighting is for posers. Duh.

And for future reference, bitchy little girls who say/refer to/like cunt/robots/dinosaurs have absolutely nothing to do with being scene in any way, shape, or form. They're just bored because their parents realized how much of a waste of time they were, so they've resorted to Myspace to further perpetuate their own lack of sceneness and search out those who will give them the attention they need to survive.


Man, those argyle kicks are pretty ridiculous. That's pretty scene.

Damn, the scene is being overrun with pissy little kids angry about who is smoking and eating hamburgers. They need to go wash off their faces and give their parents more hugs.

Scene oriented person: Man, the scene in Seattle is fuckin' sorted!
Friend: What? sorted? I don't get it.
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