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an onomatopoeia used to signify that the person saying it does not understand something that is being said.

It is the sound made when information flies past the person's brain or comprehension.

when used in texts, it is used in between asterisks like so: *shoom*
Also, often accompanied by a "crossed-arms" arm motion in front of chest
Paul: the glutton levels in the formulaic reaction are quite the conundrum!
Larry: *shoom*
by One Wanksta December 25, 2009
1) acronym for "Black Market International", a great site for the latest music downloads.

2) to download for free; illegally (music, movies)
1) BMI means Black Market International, duh.

2) say, dawg, i just BMI'd Birdman's new album from BMITV.com brrrrrrrrr aw-aw!! *does the bird hand sign* birdcall
by One Wanksta December 13, 2009

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