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Person who eats out of the toilet.
After witnessing Ramon eating from a toilet, Wendy came to the conclusion that he was a Hungry Gypsy.
by One Two February 06, 2008
A towel, blanket, or other such item, utilized by inmates to conceal their sexual acts from the guards.
Inmate Bubba made sure to put up a Blumpkin Blind, before having sex with inmate Timmy.
by One Two February 06, 2008
Tight fitting clothing, typically associated with inmates.
That punk is wearing an Egyptian Jock-Strap!
by One Two February 06, 2008
Multiple Officers, utilized to forcibly extract an inmate from a cell.
When inmate Smith went off, the guards called for The Six Fingered Man to come down and kick his ass.
by One Two February 06, 2008
Using a drunk person's own clothing, to clean up the piss that they just left on the floor.
After observing Jim pissing in the corner of the room, Marisa waited for Jim to remove his clothes, and pass out. She then took his clothes and went Curling.
by One Two February 06, 2008
Person who shits their pants when force is applied.
Bob had a Sri Lankan Steamer after he was punched in the face!
by One Two February 06, 2008
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