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3 definitions by OnTheFirm

A conversation between 2 overweight people, often concerned with diets.
If you can squeeze into that seat, sit down and we'll have a con-flab.
by OnTheFirm March 23, 2010
A short period of fighting involving renowned radio presenter, author and guitarist Shane Kirk from the bands Songs From The Blue House and Picturehouse.
A member of the audience was becoming rowdy, but after a minor skirkmish they soon saw sense and quietened down.
by OnTheFirm July 09, 2009
The art of exercising caution while frightened out of one's wits.
If you're going down to the old boathouse armed only with a torch at this time of night to investigate the strange goings-on, unexplained disappearances, and terrifying noises, then just make sure you're scareful.
by OnTheFirm March 23, 2010