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I am Puerto Rican, but I must admit that the majority of US Puerto Ricans are cacos who try to mingle with the black folks because as we all know, the blacks are teh coolest people around. Not to mention, they've been fed alot of nonsense about how Puerto Ricans are all half-black, when only about 10% of the Puerto Rican population have any African ancestry.

All my mean-spirited cynicism aside, Puerto Ricans have had a rich history and harbor a very unique culture. From Africans, the Puerto Ricans have obtained the "bomba and plena", a type of music and dance including percussions and maracas. From the Amerindians, Puerto Ricans have kept many names for their municipalities, food, and other objects. From the Spanish they got the Spanish language, the Catholic religion, among other influences. Francisco Ayerra de Santa MarĂ­a was the first native born poet of Puerto Rico, documenting the history of the island. Cayetano Coll y Toste a celebrated historian and journalist of the island has also gained recognition in the development of Puerto Rican literature. Hell, even George Perez, Marvel and DC comic book artist, is a Puerto Rican.

Don't listen to these morons who spew garbage about Puerto Ricans being gangster or uber sexy people. They're the ones that make us look bad. We're better then the stereotypes.
"Being Puerto Rican is not about Reggaeton, Money, Cars, Having Arched Eyebrows, or acting black because you're so called Half-Black. Its about respecting and being a part of a great culture that has a great deal to do with Carribean identity."
by Omniscient Relics December 22, 2006

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