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The brutal and gory (but yet extremely satisfying) act of a human killing any of the Locust horde in the Gears of War Universe.

Murder, for example by Curb Stomp, Longshot Headshot, Lancer-saw Shredding and Boomshot Oblivion, are just a small sample of hilarious types of Grubicide.

Grubicide is certainly not a punishable act under human criminal law, in fact, it is very much encouraged as the chance of extinction of the human race would be very much likely without it.
Dom Santiago: Marcus, man... I miss my sweet darling Maria! (cries like a lil' b*tch)

Marcus Fenix: For f*ck's sake Dom, stop being a whiny p*ssy! These Locust pr*cks are coming toward us! It's time commit some serious Mass Grubicide!
by Omn1scientist June 14, 2011
To be "Solid" or "Solid As A Rock" (a song made famous by Husband & Wife duo Ashford & Simpson)...

When a girl gives you the hardest, most veiny and throbbing boner ever. Can sometimes feel like the penis is literally going to crack and shatter. Can only be sustained by more of the same action (which may result in ejaculation) or immediately after, using a cock ring.
Girl: Ooh baby, do you like the way I'm rubbing your cock between my big-ass titties all covered in hot oil, stroking your balls and playing with a dildo in my ass so you can fuck me all while we're watching lesbian porn?

Guy: Are you kidding baby? I'm totally Ashford & Simpson right now.
by omn1scientist November 23, 2010
PMROFLMAOOL is a superfused pseudo-portmanteau of several abbreviated phrases all pertaining to expressing one's particular amusement (i.e. Laughter) at an event that has just occurred.

This pseudo-portmanteau consists of elements of the following expressive abbreviations:

PMSL: Peed Myself Laughing
ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing
LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
LOL: Laughing Out Loud

With the common element being the word "Laughing". PMROFLMAOOL actually stands for:

Peed Myself Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off Out Loud. This pseudo-portmanteau is only used in the funniest of situations and should be done so sparingly.
Friend 1: Yo dude, did you see Kim Kardashian put on blast on TV last night? That sh*t was too funny man! What a ho'!
Friend 2: Yeah man, tell me about it! I PMROFLMAOOL'd so hard, I thought I was gonna stop breathing!
Friend 1: Say what?!
Friend 2: Just look it up on Urban Dictionary already...
by omn1scientist June 02, 2010

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