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4 definitions by OmicronPersei8

A person right on the borderline of retardation--as in a person that acts extremely stupidly, just not to the point where they can rightfully be called a retard. This is therefore a more proper term for someone that stands out on account of his/her ignorance or stupidity.
Who says that stupid shit? Nick, you are such a Gawdamn rainbow bison.
by OmicronPersei8 April 05, 2008
A book about rabbits, written by Richard Adams in 1972. Your teachers will tell you that there is an underlying theme concerning the continuous struggle between tyranny and freedom, but no, it's really just about rabbits.
What book are you reading?
Watership Down.
Oh yeah, I read that. The moral of the story is that rabbits like carrots.
by OmicronPersei8 February 11, 2009
person with an uncharacteristically slow mind; one having thought processes that seem depressed in speed, often taking a very long time to think through a simple problem or situation only to come up with a stupid answer; a rainbow bison
Took you long enough... *muttering* ...freakin' slowmind.
by OmicronPersei8 April 29, 2008
A female who is a cunt without question, but goes a step beyond mere cunthood by simultaneously being as annoying as a mosquito - typically by complaining about pretty much everything. A cuntskeeto's inane whining may even come to resemble the mosquito's high-pitched buzz, hence the term.

A cuntskeeto further resembles a mosquito in that she always seems to hover around you and your friends despite your best efforts to shoo her away, she yearns to mate with all males in the immediate vicinity (no matter the time, location, or context), and she tends to drain the lifeblood from any social gathering.
"No offense, dude, but your ex-girlfriend is a cuntskeeto."

"I know, man. It was such bad luck running into her last night. I'm really sorry she ruined our good time. But as soon as she finds anyone having fun without her, she latches on and sucks out as much enjoyment as she can until she's bloated with our stolen happiness."

"Or until she has something else to suck?"

"That's gross, man. She has syphilis."
by OmicronPersei8 July 12, 2010