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Arguably the dumbest politician alive, including George W. Bush. Aside from having a really dorky name, here are a few example of Mr. Lott's idiocy at work:

-He got screwed because his home got destroyed by a hurricane and his insurance didn't pay for it because he didn't read the terms correctly. He got pissed and riled Congress up into an anti-insurance frenzy and made all of our insurance rates go up. Thanks a lot asshole.

-He advocates federal spending on state projects, or at least he did when he was up for re-election. To directly quote him, "Balancing the budget is a nice idea, but I got an election to win".

-The guy endorsed Strom Thurmond, basically admitting he's a racist without outright saying it on public television.

Thankfully, he plans to resign and go into private sector jobs, including teaching. God help anyway unfortunate enough to have this oaf as a teacher.
Guy 1: What's the difference between an ape and Trent Lott?
Guy 2: One has superior planning skills and can raise a family without turning them into racist hicks, the other is Trent Lott.
by OmegaflareX November 27, 2007

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