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1) Drunk as hell. 2) Shit-faced. 3) Highly inebriated, especially off of Smirnoff vodka.
Me and my boy, Gianni, got smirnoffed as hell before we went to the club.
#drunk #fucked up #smashed #shit faced #inebriated #wasted
by OmegaCerebro September 06, 2008
1) To be in a position that exposes one's butt (boonky) to the air. 2) bent over.
One day in class I was sitting in my chair when this girl boonked over to pick up her comb.
#bent #bent over #boonky #booty #butt #ass
by OmegaCerebro September 06, 2008
An alcoholic drink, usually high in alcohol content. Derived from the phrase "Take a swig of this."
Antonio wanted to get some swiggage before we went to the club so we wouldn't burn so much money on beer.
#swig #liquor #alcohol #wine #beer #rum #vodka #gin #mad dog #tequila #whiskey
by omegacerebro October 03, 2008
1. An intense stare fueled by an equally intense emotion, e.g. love, hate, lust, concern.

2. An uncharacteristically long and concentrated stare; from the eponymous "Care Bear Stare," a special ability of Care Bears that allows them to shoot light from their belly symbols.
Jack: Hey man, who's that girl over there giving you the Care Bear Stare?

Ray: Oh, shit! That's the girl from the other night. I hit it then split it, and she's been blowing up my phone ever since. Let's dip before she comes over here.
#stare #glare #gaze #googly eyes #side eye
by OmegaCerebro February 27, 2013
Any excessively weird and/or creepy homosexual.
Do you see the way Jesse Ray is always stuntin' across the quad with his fur coat and girl pants? I don't have anything against gay people but that guy is a serious queerdo.
#queer #weird #weirdo #queirdo #gayblade
by OmegaCerebro June 17, 2009
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