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5 definitions by OmegaCerebro

1) Drunk as hell. 2) Shit-faced. 3) Highly inebriated, especially off of Smirnoff vodka.
Me and my boy, Gianni, got smirnoffed as hell before we went to the club.
by OmegaCerebro September 06, 2008
1) To be in a position that exposes one's butt (boonky) to the air. 2) bent over.
One day in class I was sitting in my chair when this girl boonked over to pick up her comb.
by OmegaCerebro September 06, 2008
An alcoholic drink, usually high in alcohol content. Derived from the phrase "Take a swig of this."
Antonio wanted to get some swiggage before we went to the club so we wouldn't burn so much money on beer.
by omegacerebro October 03, 2008
1. An intense stare fueled by an equally intense emotion, e.g. love, hate, lust, concern.

2. An uncharacteristically long and concentrated stare; from the eponymous "Care Bear Stare," a special ability of Care Bears that allows them to shoot light from their belly symbols.
Jack: Hey man, who's that girl over there giving you the Care Bear Stare?

Ray: Oh, shit! That's the girl from the other night. I hit it then split it, and she's been blowing up my phone ever since. Let's dip before she comes over here.
by OmegaCerebro February 27, 2013
Any excessively weird and/or creepy homosexual.
Do you see the way Jesse Ray is always stuntin' across the quad with his fur coat and girl pants? I don't have anything against gay people but that guy is a serious queerdo.
by OmegaCerebro June 17, 2009