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Preppy people or preps. Originate from Britain, but many think they orginate from the states they actually dont.


A Prep always shops at; Jack Wills (JW), Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), Hollister.co (HCO), J.Crew (JC)& American Eagle (AE), Polo Ralph Lauren (PRL), Lacoste. and many more.

-Dress code/Hair/Make-up


Preppy boys essentuals are: iPhone/Blackberry/Side-kick. Hoodies (perferrably Jack Wills or Abercrombie), Skinny jeans or straight NEVER boot cut. Shirts also are an essentual from Jack Wills or Abercrombie, they have to be clean cut so nothing in your face maybe with stripes to them. A Prep never has anything in your face Polkadot/floral ain't happening. A v-neck jumper is also an essentual from any of the brands above with a polo shirt from jack wills and abercrombie. NEVER pop your collar, it comes accross as wannabeish and lower class chavs trying to be preps tend to pop their colour when wearing jumpers. THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE JEWRELLY ARE SURFER NECKLACES. No gold chains a prep never wears common things. No rings aswell. Shoes are always converse or white lacoste trainers. Hair should be either brown or blonde and scruffy think of Californian beach boy. NEVER spike your hair EVER that is the most atrocious thing ever.


A prep girls essentuals are; GHDS you need to keep your hair looking straight or wavy. iPhone/Blackberry/sidekick you need to keep up with the latest gossip. But no as so you look bitchy. Jack wills and Abercrombie striped jumpers are a MUST Have they should be worn with a shirt underneath or a polo shirt. Polo shirts have to be from HCO, JW Or A&F they can be striped or plain, but it cant clash. Again, NEVER pop the collar, you'll seem like a chav trying to be a prep. Jeans have to be skinny no others are accepted, girls can also wear 'leasuire pants' from Abercrombie & Fitch or Jack Wills. NEVER EVER EVER Wear the checkered Jack wills PJAMA bottoms. They are called Pjama bottoms for a reason. The leasuire pants should be tucked into uggs, so should skinny jeans. Skirts are NEVER worn. Maybe denim ones in the heat of summer but thats about it. Short Shorts are also an essentual. Prep girls should wear sqaure diamond earrings but not the chavvy ones with lots of little diamonds in them just a plain diamond stud and pearls/beads. Make-up should be suttle NEVER EVER EVER EVER WEAR BLUE/PINK/GREEN EYESHADOW, that is the most awful thing to do. If you wear eyeshadow make it look natural. Foundation should be to a nautural skin tone and fake tan should never be applied. Eyeliner is never used, unless brown. Mascara has to be black, lipgloss is also an essentual pinks and natural colours make it soft. Hair should be shoulder length at longest if your hair is over shoulder length cut it.


Just because you look like a prep doesn't mean you are one.

People think that a prep is stuck up and rude. They never are, preps are polite and well mannered and aren't bitchy. They socialise with everyone outside their inner circle and are willing to lend a helping hand. When a prep is insulted they laugh it off and rise above it. Preps can't be fat not even puppy fat. They have to be fit and well excercised as thats part of a preps sterotype. A Prep has to play either Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Athletics or football. A Prep has to take care of themself and eat healthily too. Preps ARE NOT BARBIES OR PLASTIC. That is an insult to preps as preps have class and if you call yourself barbie and you are a 'prep' it just makes you a wannabe. You don't have to be super rich to be a prep you just need to be able to afford the brands listed above. Preps also study hard at school and acting stupid is not preppy if you act stupid you might as well just go hang around with the sluts. People think that all preps go to a private school, most preps go to state schools and preps don't have to be rich they just have to afford the brands listed above and all the essentuals. Preps also, dont have to be popular.


Preps always say words like SERIOUSLY? SHUT UP! NO WAY! OH-EM-GEE. But not in an american way, because then again you seem like a wannabe. Also whatever is also in the book.


Savile Row, Salcombe, Kings Road, The Beach.
Omg did you just see that prep girl walk past? she looks so good in her jack wills/ abercrombie ensamble i wish i was her.
by OllieeeA December 31, 2007

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