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(1): Mainly young teenage girls although sometimes guys that go in small groups and gossip about the people around them not caring for their feelings at all

(2): a bathroom that girls go to to gossip in to get some "Privacy"

(3): Someone with dirty gossip or blackmail
(1) "Ommggg did you hear that Daniel is going out with Erika?! like omg they are like such a good matchhhh!! but I heard he was totally checking out Nicole oh it's SO DeLiCIoUs!" this is something a gossip crapper would say

(2)"Ugh guuuyyysss lets go into the bathroom I want some privacy I don't wanna talk about my life in the hallway

(3)" Gahh I hear Heather has blackmail of Brendon I'm so curious!"
by Olivre March 07, 2007
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