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1.(noun) Figure of speech. Possession of rank, rancid, greasy and unwholesome hairs covering many areas of the body. One inflicted with this condition may take on the appearance of basil (dog) bathing in dogshit.
2. (adjective) Someone who said to have 'dirty hair' has been insulted to the worst degree
3. (noun) Simon Lenders
Simon you have 'dirty hair'
by Oliver and Basil September 30, 2004
1. (noun) The devine place. Heaven on Earth. Located in the middle of the Idian Ocean
2. (adjective) Smooth white beaches, crystal clear blue waters, lushes coconuts, incredible constant warm whether and isolated from busy city life.
It's time we went to 'Cocos Island'
This place is like 'Cocos Island'
by Oliver and Basil October 01, 2004
1. (noun) Nipunda Knights - Indoor Soccer Team based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia
Let's go watch the 'Nipunda Knights'
by Oliver and Basil October 01, 2004
1. (noun) Refering to Thomas. A nickname made up, which has no particular meaning.
How you doin 'nipunda'
by Oliver and Basil October 01, 2004
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