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Can be used in the same manner as the F word; A word used to compare things with, in a derogatory manner.
1.This meat is as hard as an ookibinica.

2. she has the face of an ookibinica
by Oliver Dwyer April 07, 2008
A sexual fetish shared between megalomaniacs, where one person shoves a wallet stuffed with money into either the anus or vagaina of another for pleasure.
1.I didn't have enough money for the movie because my money fell out in my girl friends vagina last night after I gave her a "dollar buffet".
by Oliver Dwyer April 07, 2008
A sexual act of stuffing a pine tree into the vagina or anus of another.
1. "Ill stuff up the tree" Ricky exclaimed, as he proceeded to wedge the large Christmas tree into his Melba's vagina, as if he was the Grinch himself.
by Oliver Dwyer April 07, 2008
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