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Bowel movement, when said in the right context.
Man, I'll be right back. I gotta go drop a chalupa.
by Ole 1 Leg April 07, 2005
What little kids in the ghetto call boobs.
Yo, check it out! Dat broad got big ninnie!
by Ole 1 Leg April 07, 2005
The LAST good album by the once great Metallica. After that, the band started their slow descent into fagdom.
Man, ...And Justice For All ROCKED! But then the Black Album came out, Lars came out of the closet and sued napster, they kicked out Jason, and they all started doing Mariah Carrey covers.... Fags.
by Ole 1 Leg April 07, 2005
The dumbest, gayest movie ever to disgrace any theatre. This movie was created in order to induce latent latent homosexual tendencies. If a male enjoys it, he will be a fag. If a female enjoys it, she will be a dyke. It was an evil conspiracy created by the underground homosexual population. This "movie" is a disgrace.
John watched Rocky Horror last week and he liked it. This week he's wearing mascara, listening to Morrisey, and dating a rough trick named Jim.
by Ole 1 Leg April 07, 2005
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